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The Boy & His Blue Balloon

“Can you hold this?” A little boy with straw-colored hair asks. He sticks his arm out and presents me with a bright blue balloon.

“Sure,” I reply, holding the balloon by a small string attached to the bottom.

The little boy flushes with pleasure. Everyone else had been ignoring him and he was feeling left out. He raises his little fist and draws his arm back.

“I’m going to punch it now,” He warns and then smacks the balloon with all his might. It flies out of my grasp and bounces lightly off the top of someone’s head.

The little boy giggles in delight. “Did you see that? It just went like pow! Let’s do that again!”

I laugh. The simple innocence of the boy makes me smile. We play with the balloon for an hour and he laughs in delight every time it flies into the air. It is such a simple thing and yet it touches my heart. In today’s modern society we always have to have some fancy technical gadget to keep us entertained, but here was a boy who could be fascinated with nothing but a simple blue balloon for an entire hour. I hope that the straw-haired boy never loses his fascination with the simple things in life and that he always keep his innocent optimism. I am so glad that the little boy with the blue balloon picked me to play with him and that he was able to make me appreciate the small things in life.

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Mr. Rock

Mr. Rock is tall with a gray crown of hair encircling his head. His posture is neither rigid nor slumped. Rather, he stands as one who has felt the weight of the world and yet has conquered it. He is a “jack of all trades”; an expert handyman. He never wears long sleeves if he can help it and uses phrases such as “I don’t give a rat’s banana”. He is subtly sarcastic and it takes a specially attuned ear to catch his humor. In everything he is determined and he won’t give up until something is finished. Mr. Rock is the foundation of my family; the immovable man.

However, just because he’s strong, doesn’t mean that he isn’t sensitive. Mr. Rock is thoughtful and kind and will do anything for his family. Oftentimes he will tell stories of his childhood with a country mother and an urbanite father. Those are the times when I sit back and try to remember every word. The stories are of just one generation before mine, yet I feel as if they are from a different century altogether. So much has changed in such a short time and I fear that if I don’t listen well, that time in the past will be forgotten.

Therefore, Mr. Rock is someone whose stories must be written down, and that is exactly what I hope to do. Mr. Rock has helped to mold me into the person I am, and for that I think he is one of the best people in the world. I am so proud to be able to have him as my dad and to grow up under his guidance.

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Mrs. Idealist

The saying “opposites attract” has been found to be true in my family. My father is the planner and the steady force in our household whereas my mother is always changing. She is full of creative ideas which she has no idea how to go about fulfilling. Her creativity is inspiring and her passion is infectious, but if it wasn’t for my father, none of her plans would come to fruition. It is amazing how two completely different people can fall in love and use their differences to help one another.

Mrs. Idealist is above average in height and in intelligence. She has slightly above shoulder length reddish-brown hair and Aegean blue eyes. She excels at almost anything she puts her hand to (and that’s quite a lot of things). Her determination to be the best she possibly can in whatever she does drives her to the top. She is especially talented in the arts and is a phenomenal actress, writer, photographer and designer. But above all that, she is the best mother in the world. I thank God everyday that he gave me such an amazing mother!