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Mrs. Idealist

The saying “opposites attract” has been found to be true in my family. My father is the planner and the steady force in our household whereas my mother is always changing. She is full of creative ideas which she has no idea how to go about fulfilling. Her creativity is inspiring and her passion is infectious, but if it wasn’t for my father, none of her plans would come to fruition. It is amazing how two completely different people can fall in love and use their differences to help one another.

Mrs. Idealist is above average in height and in intelligence. She has slightly above shoulder length reddish-brown hair and Aegean blue eyes. She excels at almost anything she puts her hand to (and that’s quite a lot of things). Her determination to be the best she possibly can in whatever she does drives her to the top. She is especially talented in the arts and is a phenomenal actress, writer, photographer and designer. But above all that, she is the best mother in the world. I thank God everyday that he gave me such an amazing mother!


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