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The Boy & His Blue Balloon

“Can you hold this?” A little boy with straw-colored hair asks. He sticks his arm out and presents me with a bright blue balloon.

“Sure,” I reply, holding the balloon by a small string attached to the bottom.

The little boy flushes with pleasure. Everyone else had been ignoring him and he was feeling left out. He raises his little fist and draws his arm back.

“I’m going to punch it now,” He warns and then smacks the balloon with all his might. It flies out of my grasp and bounces lightly off the top of someone’s head.

The little boy giggles in delight. “Did you see that? It just went like pow! Let’s do that again!”

I laugh. The simple innocence of the boy makes me smile. We play with the balloon for an hour and he laughs in delight every time it flies into the air. It is such a simple thing and yet it touches my heart. In today’s modern society we always have to have some fancy technical gadget to keep us entertained, but here was a boy who could be fascinated with nothing but a simple blue balloon for an entire hour. I hope that the straw-haired boy never loses his fascination with the simple things in life and that he always keep his innocent optimism. I am so glad that the little boy with the blue balloon picked me to play with him and that he was able to make me appreciate the small things in life.

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