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This One’s for My Parents

The sky is quickly darkening and my orchestra conductor glances at it worriedly. An outside concert is always risky, but it’s tradition. My orchestra has been holding an outside concert by the lake for almost 60 years. We finish rehearsing our last piece, but we still have 45 minutes until the concert. We aren’t going to make it before the rain. Rain would ruin the instruments before we would even have time to put them in their cases. The conductor looks at the small crowd of parents that stayed through the rehearsal. There are probably only twenty parents there for more than a hundred kids in the orchestra, but he has no choice.

“We will start the concert early, before the rain hits.” My short conductor calls to the onlooking parents. “America the Beautiful.” He whispers to us and we hurriedly pull up the music.

I look out into the crowd. My parents aren’t here. There is no way for me to tell them that the concert is starting 45 minutes early. The conductor raises his arms. I raise my violin. The music starts and my parents aren’t here to hear it. In between every song I look into the growing crowd. Thunder booms overhead as we start our last song and I look one last time into the audience. Mr. Rock and Mrs. Idealist are just walking up. “At least they will be able to hear the last song,” I think. And with that in mind, I play my best. Even though I am probably drowned out by the thirty other violinists and won’t be heard, I play my best for my parents. As we play our last note of “Stars and Stripes” and the drums roll, the thunder decides to give us a, well, thunderous applause.

The musicians hurry off the stage to put their instruments away. I say a quick goodbye to my friends (I won’t see them again until the fall) and hurry over to my parents. Soon after I get into our car, the raindrops hit. We made it just in time.

I am glad that my parents were able to hear at least one song at my last concert of the year. And while Mr. Rock and Mrs. Idealist are sad that they weren’t able to hear the whole concert, I think it made me realize how much I appreciate them being there for me. The whole concert I was worried that they would miss it completely. Their presence meant a lot to me and I am so thankful that they are always there for me.



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