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Aiming Towards a Simplistic Lifestyle

Simplicity.My parents have been saying that word for ages. What do they mean by it? The necessities. They want to sell or trash all the excess furniture, anything that is not necessary to keep around or is sitting useless in our garage and attic. They’ve been trying for a simplistic lifestyle for almost seven years. The problem is that we kept moving from house to house. Nearly every two years we would have to move, and as a consequence, my parents were afraid to give away anything that we might eventually need.

Now however, my parents can finally have the simplistic lifestyle that they have always talked about. After seven years, we finally own a home of our own and so they  don’t have to be afraid of getting rid of whatever we don’t need at this moment. Today we started the long journey towards simplicity and hauled two carloads of junk to the dump. It is only the beginning, but hopefully in the end, we will reach our goal.


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