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Road Trip to the Native State

I recently returned from a trip to my native state, Wisconsin. Mrs. Idealist drove all the way there in a rented black Jeep Patriot. The fourteen hour trip was completed in two days, our halfway stop in the flat wasteland of Illinois. If you’re from Illinois I mean no offense, but honestly, where is the variety of landscape? Everything is horizontal and there is nothing to add interest to the land. There are no rolling hills or tall mountains. The wind has no barrier to stop it from biting you with its sharp teeth. And then there is Chicago, the bane of all drivers actually trying to go somewhere. As we passed through that crowded and dirty place, I prayed a silent thank you to God that I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

For the whole car trip I was the assigned DJ, of course playing the eternally classic songs from Disney.The Lion King was among one of our top favorite playlists to sing along to and not too far behind was Mulan. I did play a few new hits, as well as some old ones and I’m pretty sure that by the time we had completed the entire trip (28 hours there and back again), we had thoroughly covered every genre ever created.

By the time we reached Wisconsin, we had gone through a mega-sized bag of pretzels, a box of animal crackers that looked strangely deformed and not to mention what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And though I had missed the sign when we entered Wisconsin and didn’t realize that we had crossed the border until we had been driving in Wisconsin for an hour, I felt a wonderful feeling of joy to be back in the place where I grew up. And while it couldn’t compare in beauty or friendliness to the Carolinas, I was glad to able to visit it again and to remember the places I used to travel so often without realizing how special they were to me until they were gone. Sometimes leaving a place is the only way to realize how much it matters to you.


To be continued…



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