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24 Degree Drop

The heat is Burning. 92 degrees and humid. Our black Acura with its black leather seats has no air conditioning and feels like an extreme sauna. Windows down and hair blowing we make our way to my violin lesson. The sun wraps me in a baking embrace and by the time we reach my violin teacher’s house I’m pretty sure my legs are six shades darker. I always cringe when I have to bring my violin into the black inferno. If the violin becomes too hot it could crack or melt the varnish, which, let’s just say would be very bad. Thankfully, neither of those things happen and my violin is all right, if a bit out of tune.

My violin lesson is without incident until booming thunder growls around us. Now normally thunder isn’t something that is that surprising, but when there isn’t a single cloud in the sky and the sun is bright and cheerful, it can be a bit shocking. We peer out of all the windows, but there is no looming darkness either above us or in the distance. We shrug and continued on with my lesson. As we finish and are walking out, we hear the sky’s loud grumbling again. There is still no cloud in the sky. We drive away in the still scorching heat and try to make an explanation for the thunder.

“Maybe it was heat thunder or something like that”, I suggest, though that doesn’t really make sense either.

As we are talking we suddenly come upon a dark vertical cloud. Rain gathers in puddles in the road and the temperature drops from 92 degrees to 86. We look back over our shoulders and see the sun shining over our small town completely untouched by the rain.

The temperature continues to drop until it reaches 68 degrees. 24 degrees different from the original temperature. It feels like we have been teleported to a completely different place. A few minutes ago I was burning and now suddenly I am slightly cold. In our small town in the Carolinas you never know what the weather will be. Your neighborhood could be in perfect sunshine while just a mile down the road there could be a major storm. I guess I’ll always just have to be prepared.


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