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The Extrovert

There is a saying that all blondes are dumb. That statement however is a gross generalization and is frankly, False. Yes, it is true that a lot of blondes are a little shallow, but that is only because the world has made them that way. But the Extrovert is different. The Extrovert is spunky and fun, yet not without a brain. She is a blonde and smarter than most people I know. She is quick to learn things and isn’t afraid of anything (at least so far as I know). There is something about her personality that makes you immediately like her and want to hang around her. She has the amazing talent to make a boring social gathering suddenly the most fun you’ve ever had and she is definitely the life of the party.

However, the Extrovert has the terrible tendency to see herself as nobody in particular and not to realize how special she is. She herself hides behind the common phrase “dumb blonde”. Whenever she fails at something she will use her hair color as a shield. And though she meets insults (especially those meant as a joke) with another joke, she actually takes each one to heart. And while on the outside you could never guess that she cares what other people think, on the inside, it matters a lot to her.

Now don’t go and get the idea that the Extrovert is vain; no, that is not why she cares so much about how she is viewed. Rather, she is always trying to please people and meet their expectations for how they think she should be, when she is actually perfect (well, as perfect as you can be in an imperfect human world) just the way she is. The Extrovert cares about everyone and the special thing about her is that she always knows the right thing to say to comfort or encourage someone. She can walk the line between funny and serious with a perfect balance that few can accomplish.

In conclusion, the Extrovert has made an impact on so many people, myself included and I hope one day she will be able to see what a difference she has made. Blondes can be funny, caring and smart. And not just smart in the way of schoolwork (which the Extrovert is also), but on a much deeper level. The Extrovert isn’t just smart, she is witty, perceptive, and discerning. I am so glad that she is there to make the party a little more fun.



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