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The Squirrel

When you think of a squirrel you immediately think of lots of energy. At 5 feet with flaming red hair, there is not a better name for the Squirrel. She is bouncy and goofy and there is never a dull moment in her presence. She is a major fan of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunger Games, Narnia, and need I say more? She has an endless store of knowledge on any of these topics, yet she is not limited to geek talk alone. She will engage anyone in a conversation and her friendship is worth a million rings of power (excuse my lotr reference).

While the Squirrel is energetic and fun she is also very matter of fact. She always gets straight to the point and she can understand exactly what someone is saying underneath all the fancy words and sweet talk. She will always do the work assigned to her and is always willing to help. She is extremely smart and once she understands a concept, she will remember it forever.

Sometimes, because the Squirrel always seems so cheerful and is always joking around, people forget that she can be serious as well and  that she takes things really close to her heart, even if she does a good job hiding it on the outside. She has one of the deepest and most thoughtful hearts of anyone I know. And I know that no matter what she has going on in her life, I can always count on her. 

I hope the Squirrel knows that I do see her big heart and that I appreciate her just being herself. I am so thankful for every moment I get to spend in her company and am so glad that she is my friend. 

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