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The Book Conundrum

I am one of those weird people who only read one book at a time. I have never read two or more books at once. This week however, I was forced into a situation where I had to read three books at once to get them all done in time. This however, was not exactly how it played out. Instead I was stuck with three books all half-read but seemingly frozen on one page. I didn’t really have the will to read any of them and when I started one, I always thought I should be reading one of the others. As you can see, this has caused me quite a conundrum.

I’ve found that reading more than one book at a time actually takes longer to finish all of them, because you are trying to finish them all simultaneously rather than if you just read one book, finished it, then moved on to the next. I am also not a multitasker which causes me to forget everything that happened in the last book I read.

So, I’ve decided to only ever read one book at a time, no matter how quickly I need to get them done. My brain just does not function with so many characters, plots and ideas to keep track of. I need my complete focus on each book I read and I can’t give it when I am always trying to just keep the books straight.


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